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ID 533580

Mani Dixit

Working Consultant - Energy Finance & Marketing @Geon Consulting Pvt. Ltd., • Studied at @university-of-southampton, @university-of-petroleum-and-energy-studies

ID 579853

Taher Pardawala

Co-founder & CIO Cuber. Multilingual programmer with a love for games, but more on the tech side.

ID 599208

Maria Martin

B.E. from University of Mumbai, Worked on one module of live project. Interested in Web designing,

ID 779436

Abinash Mohanty

Design Lead @quikr User Experience aka UX, Desktop • Creative Head, Mobile UX @silvertouch • User Interface Designer aka UI @lumium-design-innovation

ID 696606

Pravin Kottawar

MTech IT NIT Surathkal, Working at oracle. Quick Learner and ability to work across multiple domains and teams.

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