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Sandeep Supal


Consumer Researcher and UX/Front-end Delivery Manager worked with Intuit, Geodesic on successful projects. Pursuing long-term goals in entrepreneurial and leadership oriented career in bringing a positive change in the ecosystem.

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Pravin Kottawar

MTech IT NIT Surathkal, Working at oracle. Quick Learner and ability to work across multiple domains and teams.

ID 804699

Radhika Gaonkar

Built travel itinerary recommender system from Flickr website data. Research internship at TU Darmstadt. BITS Pilani 2014.

ID 607024

Niket Raja

Final year BSc IT undergrad and website developer with a passion for WordPress CMS and making websites more appealing, interactive and impressive.

ID 774241

Prajakta Walimbe

Worked on AngularJs,PHP

ID 659246

Aditya thakekar

Electronics Engineer with passion to work in Electronics industry.Can also work as a freelancer for startup companies.

ID 849588

Dhruv Baldawa

Full Stack generalist; worked with Google Summer of Code twice; 4+ years of experience; loves to solve difficult problems

ID 796566

Ashraf Shaikh

Computer Science Engineer from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology,Belgaum

ID 228311

Vikash Agrawal

HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Python, Responsive web design, Twitter Bootstrap, Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2012, under Mozilla MDN, FOSS!

ID 829108

Kartikeya Kasera

Your business, My Priority. Entrepreneur. Passionate. Doer.

ID 638359

Abdul Munim Kazia

Full Stack Javascript developer

ID 314951

Imran Khan

Masters in Computer Application (University of Mumbai), Front-End Ninja, Modular and scalable CSS

ID 829238

Dilip More

Principal Consultant, Over 7 years experience in development.

ID 882398

Akash Prabhakar

I have not made any much interesting work till now,but I back my skills and pretty confident that I can do something awesome if provided the opportunity.

ID 673732

Akshat Kedia

Geek by heart. Open source lover. Design observer. Public transport traveler.

ID 545348

Deep Sukhwani

Full time software quality assurance engineer at Musikaar Software and a passionate tech learner, die hard fan of open source development.Love to code in Python

ID 882162

Nisha Daniel

BE 2014 in Computer Engineering from Fr Conceicao Rodrigues Institute of Technology

ID 332906

Chirag Gehlot

Studied at Swinburne University, Web & Android app developer currently working on Big Data visualization with D3.js & Location based apps

ID 842723

Param Aggarwal

ID 840041

Pritesh Badge

13+ years of experience as web designer. Worked for companies like Tata Finance Ltd, Technosoft Information Technologies India Ltd.

ID 837820

Ahmed Abbas

ID 811147

Viren Shah

Full stack generalist

ID 840040

Hitesh Kundnani

Fresher in Computer Engineering with specialization in Java.

ID 859156

Abhinit Parelkar

I have ability to merge design with technology by crafting user interfaces & design that fulfills the objective of finished product.

ID 878389

Omprakash Aumiom

made websites, • Implemented LZW Algorithm , Built Operating System using COSMOS,Created a movie theatre simulation, Library Portal for VIT University

ID 872427

Anmol Garg

IIT Bombay CS, Enthusiastic Coder, Worked at Paypal Inc.

ID 728980

Satyendra Darak

Over 8+ years of IT experience in Analysis, Design and Development of Web based solutions.

ID 792944

hitesh poojary

Student at SIES Graduate School Of Technology, working as Marketing Head of Festivius. 

ID 803724

Ibrahim Ezzy

UI / UX Designer & Front-end Developer. 7+ yrs exp.

ID 801453

Sushil Kumar

Intern of year 2014-IDRBT,ACM-ISM Web Designer of year 2013,Web Designer,UI/UX Designer and obviously Coder,also crazy about all TECHnologies

ID 870355

Shubham Agarwal

Graduate from IIT Kharagpur, good in Image Processing and Android development

ID 869467

Rohit Chandrashekar

MCA Student at VESIT, dedicated programmer, happy photographer, passionate writer.

ID 730094

Sumit Gulati

3rd year CSE student at Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology interested in Data Structure and Algorithms.

ID 465058

Bishnu Prasad

Front-End Designer , love to create cool clean, flat user interfaces N' make them more functional.

ID 6944

Rohan Dey

Designer & Hustler

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